Door Pants

Door pants.

Recently, I saw a meme about Door Pants, and it got me thinking. Now, I know I’m being silly, but not really…so hear me out.

Door pants are the greatest idea in the world, not the newest idea, but a great idea nonetheless.  I mean, firemen (and women) are pretty smart cookies about time management…and they use door pants! In their case, it’s a little different…since they jump in and head towards fires, while civilian door pants have a very different job.

We’ve been using door pants for a while, first by accident, then by design. If any of you now live in an area where you need tall boots and a sacrifice pair of sweatpants or jeans to go outside in the mud or snow…you know exactly what I’m talking about. You get into the mudroom, or just inside the door…and down those drawers go before you track blech into your home. There they lie, open and waiting and stiff with mud for the next trek outside, conveniently in position to jump in, boots still stuck in the pant legs, ready for any doggy potty emergency!

That’s mostly what we use them for. It’s hot now, and the bugs at night all want a taste of your blood, so door pants are a great idea. Keep them at the door. Even in your shorty-shorts late at night, you are protected from hordes of mosquitoes if you have your handy door pants at the ready to jump into while your doggie dances at the door, practically crossing its legs because it has to pee NOW! and usually in the middle of your favorite show. Your legs are protected from all those bugs so you won’t be giving Miss Sniffs A’Lot the evil eye while she earnestly searches for the perfect drop down spot while you’re slapping at hordes of minuscule vampires with wings. (Well, not so tiny…not here. Here we have to leash the little chihuahua so he doesn’t get carried away)

But really, door pants. They are a thing…and for the zombie apocalypse types in here that worry about fires, floods and hordes of walking dead….door pants can be the difference between running out of your house at 3am in your skivvies…or making it out with some dignity and the ability to run for either a garden hose or a machete, depending on the emergency at hand.

So, yes…on the first blog post done in a long-long while…I’ve decided to be silly and practical all in one and talk about this thing with door pants…and i hope you enjoyed the post. There will be more!

Namaste, chickies!


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  1. Nice to see you two are still out there stirring up trouble! Let’s here it for door pants!!

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