Being an introvert in an extrovert world

As some of you may know and some of you don’t I am an introvert while my wife Roxy is a extrovert. It can make for interesting times.

You know the standard, I want to stay home, she wants to travel the world (obviously this is before her back issues). That is why writing has always fit. I get to sit at home, on my farm and I don’t have to leave except for the occasional trip into town.

But now I have had to start interacting more. It started a couple weeks ago when my mom had a stroke. All of a sudden I am having to meet with doctors and answer the phone. Even when I put it on speaker so Roxy is right there with me, it’s still a phone call with a stranger. I don’t even like talking to people I know that much on the phone. But, I will do it for the people I love and to make sure mom gets the care she needs.

Another thing that has taken me out of my happy introverted life is a craft fair. Part of living on the farm and not wanting to leave it is finding ways to make money. For me that’s crafting. I love to re-purpose things. Whether its old windows or metal sheeting, the creating is the fun part. It’s the distribution that becomes hard. That’s where I have to leave my happy little bubble and go make nice. Now I am a polite person and actually quite sociable for about an hour, then I just get tired. I don’t think extroverts realize how physically wearing it is on us. The constant noise and the crush of people, it just becomes exhausting and overstimulating. Luckily, two good things came out of the craft fair. A shop is interested in my pieces so hopefully I won’t have to do the craft fairs every month, and I got to hold an owl named Simon.

Now on to Comic Con, an extrovert’s wet dream and an introvert’s nightmare. Let’s hope the zombie apocalypse doesn’t actually happen.




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  1. Oh I am right there with you. My day job (the one that pays the bills) is as an HR Exec and there is an expectation of being out there with people. I can do it for a few hours and then I am just DONE. Some days require more interaction than others. My wife is an extrovert and when I drag her to my mandatory fun events, or to professional conferences, she is the life of the party. I often get asked at various events….Hey where’s your wife?

  2. I prefer working at home alone during the day. I used to work in an office and I found it hard to interact every day. And forget the phone. It is hard sometimes having to ask for things from complete strangers. No more. Good blog thx!

  3. Oh yeah the plight of an introvert married to an extrovert! I definitely relate… The parties that energize her, completely deplete me. I yearn for a quiet place of solitude. Yet I fine myself continually in groups of people on my job, at my kids functions. I remember my single days when I would go hours– days without talking to anyone except my animals. Yep I miss it but I have gotten use to chaos and people. Yet someday I hope to re-claim some alone time.
    Fantastic news about your art work selling. I would love to see pictures if you feel like sharing.
    I understand the craft fair circuit we have sold t-shirts at rodeos and alpaca shows. Tough long days for introverts!

  4. Just read my first Rhavensfire book. Best book turnons of the 80 or so Lesbian ebooks I’ve read since January this year.

    I am so introverted that I have long dreamed of being an anchorite living with my familiar, Wynn the Warrior Queen Rabbit, talking to the local crows and living in a tiny house within walking distance of the village for whom I pray to the universe for their spiritual well being while in return they supply for my necessities: food, water, stout and electricity for my iPad. So, not exactly the old Christian version of anchorite.

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