Creativity in the face of adversity

I have to admit, we’ve been horribly remiss in writing our blog. We have. It happens.

There’s been reasons. Some personal, some professional, and some just having to do with the general political climate of the universe.

We’ve had some tragedies on the farm, we’ve been struggling…and our state has just passed one of the most most hateful anti-LGBT  bills in the entire USA. As a military veteran…this really pisses off Roxy. As it should any person in the United States with a conscience.

So, rather than rant and rave and go all crazy on you all, we just sat back and tried to zen it away. It wasn’t easy. It didn’t work. You know what did work? Writing.

What came of the angst and sadness and horror of our world?

No punches were pulled in this novel, no one was given a free pass. You get a pretty clear view of what small town America can be like for a lesbian veteran, especially one with PTSD.

You get a stalker…why and how they do what they do will surprise you…but you won’t find out until the end. (Again, lets discuss all those funding cuts to mental health services.)

But, through all the suspense and danger, there is a romance like no other…and a second chance for one woman who thought she was too broken to love again.

It’s well worth the read, and a worthy way to transform all the negativity of the world into a positive, strong, affirming story that does not wait for some knight in shining armor to come rescue us. We can do it ourselves. We can. No matter what the world throws at us, or how many scars we carry, both visible and invisible. In the end, when it truly matters, the past becomes something to learn from and the future becomes something to fight for.








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  1. That sounds like a wonderful read.
    So sorry about what has been happening where you live. The country is a hot mess, and the way things are going..:(
    Congrats on the new release.

  2. Love the cover of the new book!

  3. Yes, life happens. Blogs are not the priority when life happens. Talking to my wife today about how the world changes yet bigotry stays. We live in a state that borders yours, one that makes us cringe on a daily basis for its stance on most issues. We discuss constantly what we can do… I am not a writer, I am a pretty private person, yet something has come to light in this small-minded world we live in today-we have lived our lives the best we can. We are raising three young adults (19, 17, 15). We have done this on our terms-open as a lesbian couple. We have been involved in our community as youth coaches, just doing what we felt needed to be done. Chaperones on school trips-where other mothers changed rooms so they did not have to sleep in the same room. Yet we continued to show our kids that we will do what they need us to do- no matter what others feel.
    Lately I asked myself have we done anything that matters? My first response was no, but with further thought I changed that thought. Our kids have friends that have confided in them that they are gay or bi. This made me think that just maybe, possibly our lives in the open have showed a new generation that they can not only exist in this bigoted world, but live a wonderful life on your own terms. Yes we do need the more forceful, louder people to be heard, yet we also need the people that quietly show others that we are all human and we want to live our lives on our terms.
    There is plenty more to do. I know this. Laws can change what is illegal but they do not change people’s thoughts, actions, prejudice. Conversations do. Letting people get to know you as a person can be a movement also. This can show them that we are not the evil devil they thought “our type” was. Just maybe… They might let a little bit of understanding seep in.
    I wish you both, better and brighter days.
    Now I shall step away from the soap box and go buy your new book. Take care.

    • Thank you for the amazing feedback. This is why we write, we want to get the stories out there. The ones you don’t here about because they happen everyday just by living your life.
      That’s what we try to do too. We shop at the little local store and support all the tiny businesses in our County and just hope that by our attitude it helps to change some hearts.

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