Hootenanny 2015 — Day 7

Women and Words

day7Have you ever seen a merry elf/reindeer dance routine to “The Electric Slide”? You do NOT know what you’re missing. We’ve got a celebration going on here as we just passed the halfway mark and everybody’s picked up the party pace (say that 5 times fast). The eggnog is flowing fast and freely and we’ve got pizza boxes stacked to the ceiling. The neighbors are baking pies and they’ll probably give us a couple. Great. Just what this place needs. More elves high on sugar. BUT THAT’S THE POINT! We are outta hand this time of year, and we just keep right on rockin’ and rollin’ to make sure we’re sharing books and swag and happy fun times and LUV! AND HAD ANYBODY SEEN TUCKER? We’re almost out of marshmallows!

Tucker is gettin' his holiday on this year! Tucker is gettin’ his holiday on this year!

So thank you, authors and publishers, for all you do and for…

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  1. I like this daily hooting email and would love to read these books!! Merry christmas!!

  2. M. E. Logan, Author December 18, 2015 — 5:40 pm

    Merry Christmas —

  3. Just the word Hootenanny makes heart go potter patter and puts me in the Christmas Spirit! This event last year saved my sanity and my belief in human kindness! So many elves, authors, publishers and anonymous Angels gave me, a true newbie compassion, answered questions, welcomed me, loved me and when I’d get so sick during treatments and rehab for speech/reading sent me cute virtual messages, cards, care packages. Even if I don’t when anything else I want others to know that this event is so very important especially for those of us that are alone or have been alone! You are blessings one and all!

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