LadySmith is live!

Ok, everybody, I cannot express to you how thrilled I am that Ladysmith is back out on Amazon. A beefy 106,000 words, there are more chapters, more Alex and Rohanna, more Shyann…and more magic and mischief than the original. You do not want to miss this awesome Fantasy/Romance, not if you love stories with a good dose of sexy Fae, Evil Witches, mysterious pasts and Shapeshifters, all tucked into an awesome modern fantasy with so many twists you will think you’re dancing.

If you love the dark fantasy genre with a healthy dose of passion and romance, this is the one for you. Think Lost Girl meets Rhavensfyre and Celtic Myth, add a dose of creative license, and boom…you get Alex, a Fae like no other you’ve met, and Rohanna…a human who isn’t quite what she seems either.

Enter our little world where dreams and reality aren’t really all that different, and nightmares are very, very real.

Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!






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