New Release!

Happy news today!

Ladysmith is fresh from the editing process and reborn as a whopping 105,000 word fantasy novel, replete with Fae, Shapeshifters, and a love to hate evil witch who will stop at nothing to gain what she wants…power!

Don’t get me wrong, this is a fantasy, but this is a Rhavensfyre novel, so you know the romance will be as hot and steamy as you have come to expect from us.

Do not miss this holiday read, it will keep you up all night and keep you warm doing it.

Here’s a little tidbit…

Rohanna woke screaming, flailing her arms wildly. Something was holding her down. Red flashed behind her eyelids, blurred images of a figure draped in black, a voice whispering in her ear, urgent, demanding—wanting something from her. Other voices joined in, sibilant, whispering in the dark around her. It was terrifying.
“Ro, wake up Ro!”
Rohanna struggled to open her eyes but the nightmare still claimed her, holding her hostage with gossamer strands of fear that bound her arms and legs until she managed to break free from the imaginary shackles. Groaning, she tossed off the thick blankets and swung her legs over the side of the bed. She dug her palms into her eyelids, trying to push the jumbled images out of her head.
Raking her fingers through sweat dampened hair, Ro shivered in the cool night air. She could feel her heart beating rapidly within her chest, as if she had been running a marathon in her sleep. Taking in deep gulping breaths that burned with the sulfurous stench of fear, she attempted to calm her racing heart.
“Dammit, that hurts. You hit me!” Shyann yelled, fingering her left cheek tenderly. She winced when she found the bruise left by Rohanna’s elbow or fist. Rohanna wasn’t sure which one.
“Shit, Ro—you could have warned me!”
“I’m sorry, Shy,” Ro apologized.
“Ask me again and call me a fool if I ever try to wake you up from a nightmare,” Shyann muttered, her quick temper already losing its flame. Ro was incredibly glad her cousin was more of a match than a wildfire; she rarely stayed mad, and she never brought up past grievances. She was the epitome of someone who lived fully in the moment, and Rohanna loved her for it.
“Are you okay, I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Rohanna asked. The nightmare was quickly fading into a memory of terror and rapidly losing the power it held over her.
“No worries, Ro. A little bent, but not broken,” Shyann joked, breaking the serious moment with a crooked smile. “But remind me to poke you with a long stick the next time, instead of trying to shake you awake, okay?”
“Sure, Shyann,” Rohanna agreed, “but I still feel horrible about the whole thing.”
Shyann sat down on the bed next to her. Despite the humor in her voice, Shyann held a measure of concern.
“It must have been a bad one. You were screaming at the top of your lungs. I thought you were going to wake the entire dorm up. Thank goodness we have thick walls,” Shyann said, then added with a wink, “You need to do something about that, Ro. I can’t afford those kinds of noises coming out of the room, now, can I?”




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