How bike riding changed my life-KL RHAVENSFYRE

When I was young I always had a bike and as I got older I still had one but I didn’t seem to ride as much. You know how it is. You grow up, go to school, and try to be an adult and simple pleasures slip away.

Well, that almost happened to me and I would have missed out on so much.

While my wife, Roxy, was a travel nurse we were in Baltimore and Pennsylvania. Now, Baltimore depressed me. I am not a city person. I became very mopey and aimless so my wife being the wonderful woman she is got us a little house out of the city on a Rail Trail, and that is where I found my love of biking again…and also the start of a new career.

I would hit that Rail Trail just about everyday, and one day while I was on it a story came to me. After I got home I mulled about it for awhile. I mean, I am a horse trainer…not a writer, but every time I rode the story would keep writing itself in my head. Finally, one evening I found a notebook and started writing it out. Yep, I hand wrote it because I couldn’t type well and I was worried I would lose the words.

After awhile I eventually started putting it into a word document and that is how Switching Gears and a whole new life and career was born.

Now Switching Gears is in it’s second incarnation and I am not on the Rail Trail anymore, but I still ride. In fact, the idea for this blog came to me this morning on my ride.

Here’s to interesting twists and turns that life presents us with!





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  1. Keep us posted about the latest on Micah and Olivia! πŸ˜„

  2. I do need a new edition; I’ve worn out the original!! Incredible that you were not a writer prior to SG. I sometimes feel as though I’m watching s movie, the words are so vivid. And the book did attract me initially as a cyclist, as well. Thanks for sharing your late-blooming talent with us. Micah and Olivia have given me a new lease on life ;-).

  3. Bonnie Gosier Cody December 27, 2017 — 2:27 pm

    Great story. I like how the book reads with positive energy for Olivia and Micah relationship. They don’t hold back with their feelings for life and one another. For your writing, thanks for great smooth transitioning between “takes” as you write from chapter to chapter. I like how your scenes don’t break activity when moving to chapters and scenes. I am looking for “Stepping Out” to read now.

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