Exciting news!!

Good morning everyone!!

We are very excited here, not just because it is finally fall and the heat is breaking and we have the leaf change to look forward too…but because Switching Gears is back online and available on Amazon.

I know a lot of you started reading us because of SG, and there are a lot of you who started following us because of Chase and Rowan or Rest and Relaxation, but we couldn’t wait to get this beauty back on line.

It took a while, it’s been polished and revised, and is now better than ever! I can’t wait for you all to get a  peek at it.
What are the changes, you might ask?? Well, you’ll get a glimpse into Olivia a bit more than the original, and Jonathan-that rascal-he’s got a voice in there, too. I can’t tell you too much or we’ll give it all away, but I can guarantee it’s an intense roller coaster ride with a lot of emotions, a good bit of drama…and of course-the passion.

This novel was a hard one to write. It’s not just a romance, it’s a window into two peoples lives who figure out how to love each other as they are, rather than try to fix each other. It’s about discovery, about past pain…and about redemption.

So, to get to the point. In honor of the releasing the second edition of Switching Gears…we are gifting everyone with a freebie. We wrote Stepping Out as an erotic short, complete with Micah and Olivia. You see, Olivia had a fantasy…and Micah has a history…and between the two, Olivia wanted to experience something Micah was holding back on.

It’s a hot read, so get some ice and find a quiet spot…if you like what you see…take a gander at Switching Gears and hit that pre-order button!

As Micah would say: The risks are worth the rewards.

KL Rhavensfyre

Here’s the links.

Free this weekend.

Stepping Out

On Pre-order for November 6th…or add it to your wish list.

Switching Gears, 2nd edition


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