Why Zombies? You must be asking yourself.

So, it’s been a while since we’ve blogged and you must be asking yourself…why in the world did Rhavensfyre write a Zombie Apocalypse novel? I mean, Rhavensfyre is all about lesbian romance, right?

Well, there’s very good answers to that! One, we wanted to write a parody/comedy/zombie novel that included badass lesbian leads totally in line with our promise to bring you strong female characters! (Don’t worry, romance will return shortly.)

Two. We had to do something with all of that sarcastic wit and humor. (KL is the queen of sarcasm, why not squeeze that quirky ink onto paper, right?)

But really, there is so much more. The whole Zombie Apocalypse thing has captured the hearts and minds of a huge portion of the population and we believe there is some real catharsis available there. Let’s face it, it’s violent, gross and bloody. It’s the loss of civilization while simultaneously condemning society for its lack of humanity. There is some really deep thoughts hidden between all those sword slashes and decapitations and we couldn’t help but notice that.

The Misandventures of Two Reluctant Zombie Hunters explores this world, and believe me, there is some subtle social commentary that you will enjoy mixed in with all the fun and guts and gore. This will not be your standard zombie fare, either. We aren’t going to follow the standard formula (do we ever?) and you might be delightfully surprised at the history and reasons behind this apocalypse (which, by the way, isn’t the first).

The only way you’ll find out is to get on the bandwagon and read it yourself. Take the chance with a new genre or add a new author to your avid fangirling or fanboying of Z-Nation and TWD. Besides, if you don’t, you will never discover who the Revenant Chaser is, or how she ties into the whole modern destruction of the world.

A lot of our personal thoughts and observations have gone into this series…eye opening, reflective and sometimes downright mercenary ones. It is the apocalypse after all, and all the rules we play by now won’t exactly work…not if you want to live. Because of this, KL created a handy list of new rules that will help you get by. We’ll let you in on them as time goes by. Why? Because if there ever was a zombie apocalypse, we’ll need as many badass peeps as possible to add to our little band of misfits.

Are you ready?

The Misandventures of Two Reluctant Zombie Hunters: Zombies at the Con


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