Happy Pride!

Road to the Unknown

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will make an important decision regarding whether or not gays will be free to marry.  I will know by this time tomorrow if when I finally meet Ms. Right, we’ll be able to legally wed like my parents and younger brother.

I was marginalized a lot as a kid, pushed to the outskirts by my peers because I wasn’t cool enough, pretty enough, smart enough.  I couldn’t have what the popular kids had because it just wasn’t allowed in a grade school social order.  It appears the same holds true in my adult life, marginalized because of what’s been called my ‘choice’, my ‘chosen lifestyle’.

Once upon a time, I had a boyfriend.  I had the right to legally marry him and enjoy the benefits of marriage in the eyes of the federal government like tax breaks, insurance breaks, etc.  Then I came out of the…

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  1. This was one of the most wonderful and amazing but heartbreaking posts I have read. I think the reason is because she just described my life, my partners life, and my friends lives. I am not usually a very emotional person even tend to like being called the hardass in my circle…I know the struggles we as a community face everyday, the hatred, the judgement, the misconceptions and usually I just say screw them I don’t need them or their opinions…but after reading this I realized I do need them..unfortunately..I need them to say its ok to marry, I need them to say it is ok to go see my partner in the hospital and I need them to say yes she can be on your insurance and you can take care of her. I Don’t want to need them though and I shouldn’t have to live my life based on a decision that they deem the best for everyone all around. Why is there different standards of equality? When will freedom really mean what freedom is supposed to mean?

  2. Well thank you women and a couple of enlightened judges on the supreme court!! Yes all states must recognize same sex marriage.

    Yes there will be states that will try to do something to limit our rights but eventually they will go onto other hate mongering.

    I personally didn’t think it would happen in my life time. I am very happy it did! I hope that future generations never have to deal with the intense discrimination that many have.

    But for today: Life is very GOOD!! 🙂

  3. Ok that should of been enlightened men judges…

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