In honor of Pride Month! A new Podcast!

The Lesbian Coffee House Chat


Click the link to hear from other Lesbians who were willing to share their stories. This is a great way to honor Pride Month and I hope you all enjoy listening to us. As always, feel free to share and to comment. We want to hear from you!

That’s the point, right?




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  1. Ladies your pod cast really added humanity to why we still need pride month. Why we still need to help others with their own journey. Although everyone’s story is unique one of the common threads is the fear of losing who we love or what we have worked all our lives to accomplish.
    My wife and I hope that being out in the south Bible Belt parenting 3 kids, coaching youth leagues and being involved in the community will allow others to have a much easier time in the future. We have learned it is much easier for people to hate those they don’t know. It is tougher for them when you just coached their child a new skill in basketball.

    Please continue to keep up this wonderful outlet and community outreach. It will be needed for some time to come.

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