A holiday message from us.

So, it’s Easter weekend and a lot of you are out doing Easter stuff. Whether it’s kids, nieces and nephews, etc. etc…and egg hunts and baskets full of chocolate, or family and Church, it’s supposed to be a time of both reflection and celebration.

For people like me, Ostara is our Easter, and yes, we have our bunnies and eggs, too. It’s a time for spring celebration and watching all the baby animals play, for the ground to start giving back to us for another year and for the fruit trees to start flowering in preparation for giving us summer fruit. (We also see all that grass growing and see hours of mowing ahead…but that is a modern problem.)

For our readers, it means a good book is no longer something we curl up with next to a fire as we try and stay warm in the dark. Books start to come out into the light and the pages are destined to be scented with coconut oil and suntan lotion. Doesn’t that sound grand?  That is, unless you’re like a ton of us and we have a kindle or nook. Then we need to keep that lovely salt air, iced tea and margarita’s, away from our modern techno-book replacement.

But enough of that. What I want to say is simple and to the point. We are being bombarded daily by so much hate and vitriol that we all have to be feeling it. Laws created as thinly veiled attempts to put us in our place…to ensure that bigotry wins over equality in a country that is supposed to honor equality and freedom above all, not above others that don’t like us. It has to be hard, this waiting game, as we sit impatiently to hear from the Supreme Court about the fate of our unions in each and every state. I just pray that we don’t continue to slide backward. I fear we are creating our own extremists, the one’s who will not give up, but in the face of a majority that won’t follow along…will simply hide in the dark and stew in their juices. It’s inevitable…all we can do is be the ones who remain unmarked. We have to be the ones who aren’t slinging hateful things at those we know hate us. We can’t threaten or put down, we can’t lump everyone into one bowl and throw the entire shebang out with the bad seeds bittering the meal.  I know this is hard, it is not easy. We too often spend our lives trying so desperately to be PC, to prove our worth to others that see us as worthless that it seems unfair. I scream this, too. It is unfair that the burden falls to us. But, when it is all said and done…when the world does not fall into a pit of fire and brimstone and society does not decay into lawlessness…we can say….this, too, did pass.

This is my hope for this Easter/Ostara.

In Peace and Love.






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  1. It is sad that a nation established on the freedom is now using religion to stifle the freedoms of those they don’t agree with. Sad.

  2. Let’s hope that love and peace wins in the long run. That finally in the future people accept everyone as they are. One can always hope…

    Happy Easter!! May you find all the eggs you hide. 😊

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