It’s spring!

So, it’s spring. That wonderful change in the year from cold and wet and praying for summer that well, heralds the heat and sun that make us wish for fall. Funny, huh. Very soon, it will be roasting here, the mosquitoes will own the dawn and dusk, and humidity won’t be an ideal…it will be a state of being. It’s also allergy season, so much sympathy to all of you out there dealing with red eyes, itchy noses and sneezes that make you double check how often you go to the bathroom. LOL
Violent allergies aside, I can’t wait. We have a hundred pots of vegetable seeds waiting to sprout, and then it’s a summer of pulling weeds and lovingly watching our plants grow. I love feeling self-sufficient!
It is this love of the garden, of the woods and grassy fields that keeps cropping up in our stories (I punned) and I can see why. I wonder sometimes, when was the last time most people just dug their fingers into the warm earth and felt how alive it was? Yes, you get dirty fingernails, but there is something about it that reconnects you to the world around you.
Hug a tree?? Sure…it’s amazing. A tree breathes and moves with the breezes…watching a tree move with the wind teaches us how to dance with nature. Try it sometime, you might like it. Who cares if someone looks at you funny!
I guess my point with this post is to remind you to get outside. To take a break from the sheer weight of the modern world and find a patch of nature and remind your body and soul that you are a part of it. It is revitalizing!
In reminding you, I am reminding myself. Authors tend to retreat into themselves. Hunched over the computer or a pad of paper, we create worlds and lives while sometimes forgetting our own. Pale and weary, we need to just stop once in a while and lay in a sunbeam…take advice from your cat…they are wise in this matter. Play! Take that advice from your dog…joy comes so easy to them. Learn how to love unconditionally. It comes with a goofy grin, but hey, it’s all about being happy and not caring what others might think of you.
I guess I’m done now…so, have fun and take this all with a grain of salt…flavor your day and move on with a smile.




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  1. Soon I will be spending more time with my hands in the dirt than anywhere else. It feeds my soul and tires my body but it is a welcome respite from from the daily bill paying grind. I welcome it with open arms and tilt my face to the big yellow ball, with my sunglasses on of course. 🙂

  2. Storm M. Silvermane March 22, 2015 — 12:36 pm

    My wife and I are already out in the sunshine, and the rain on occasion, working in our yard. Being in NC kind of has given us that chance most of the year, but it is this time of the year when we hustle our rears to get things done. Yards raked, earth tilled and furniture cleaned up so we can enjoy sitting out there watching the birds and squirrels eat at the feeders, the humming birds feeding, and the blooming of all those allergy inducing beautiful flowers.

  3. excellent advice – I will go outside (as soon as I catch up on all my blogs 😉

  4. Thanks for the great advice! We have a few new additions to our fainting goat herd always a welcome in spring. Nothing like two kids playing on a hay bale to make you smile.
    I just found your books. Thank you for several hours of entertainment!!

    • Hi there. We have been looking into some goats. They look very entertaining although I don’t know how the horse’s would feel sharing their hay lol.

      • Lol well our alpacas and llamas don’t share their hay either. Our fainting goats are a lot of fun, they are on the small size which I like, makes them easier to handle. We have had Boer goats, too large for my taste. Also a few angora goats, but you have to shear them. We live in SC so if you ever get serious about goats let me know. 😊

  5. Unfortunately Spring comes real late here in NH we still have 3-4 feet of snow left to melt but it’s only been 50’s for two days. I have the seedlings planted all over the kitchen and study. Just waiting for Debbie and I to go out and plant out garden. Ecspecially my favorite spaghetti squash. Put Debbies homemade sauce ove it I’m in heaven. Spring and Summer soon. Namaste Gail

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