A few words on what we do.

So, I’m just going to put out a bit of information on our new book, Rest and Relaxation. Writing romance that is unique and different is both challenging and risky. With this book, we wanted to put together two very different characters that I hope you will find interesting, if not charming. We also wanted to work within a concept that we haven’t seen before. Pulling on our knowledge of Asperger’s and Autism Spectrum Disorder, we wanted to present a character that, while very straightforward, often takes things at face value and doesn’t “get” a lot of the nuances of flirting. This makes for an interesting story, especially when you throw in another character that is very interested, but has no clue how to get through to them. This is what we would call a “slow burn” story, but I believe you will be caught up in their journey very easily.

Isolation and discomfort in social settings is something that any of us can appreciate and identify with. This is a story of making connections and overcoming misunderstandings, a romance and a journey of discovery. It is different than anything else we have done, and I hope you all enjoy meeting our newest characters, Dani and Allyse…and Polo.





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