Please read this! It might save a life.

We don’t usually post stuff for other people, but when it’s for a good cause we’ll throw it out there. This is from a friend of ours that really cares. She’s a CASA volunteer, firefighter and Fire Captain and just plain woman who cares about the life’s of the people in her community. If you can read and share that would be great! Even if one family is saved from the devastation of losing their lives and homes from a fire it is a worthy cause.

CASA volunteer and Clarksburg Fire Capt. Cindy Murphy educates young children on fire safety. She teaches them about the importance of having a working smoke detector in the home.  The Court Appointed Special Advocate program volunteer visits Harrison County Schools regularly to bring a variety of safety messages.

When Murphy learned of the Jan. 17 tragic fire that took the lives of Joshua David Crock, 34, Hanna Catherine Crock, 7, and Joshua David Crock, 5, of Wallace, she was devastated.

“I spoke to her class in December. I told her to test her smoke detector once a month and change the battery once a year,” Murphy said. “I can’t do another safety class without putting one in their hands. I don’t know if it would have saved them, but it would have given them a chance.”

So, Murphy has embarked on a mission to provide a smoke detector with a 10-year lithium battery to every first grader in Harrison County. That is approximately 850 students.

“Not One More” will cost about $13,000 the first year and each detector will last the student until they are juniors or seniors in high school, she said.

Clarksburg Fire Chief Rick Scott supports the project 100 percent.

“She is actively seeking sponsorships and looking for discounts through local businesses,” Scott said. “She plans to make it a long-term sustainable program in the community.”

Murphy is working to acquire sponsorships, donations and other assistance with the project.

“I have to do more than give the message. We need to ensure they have one. If one child is saved because of it, it’s all worth it,” she said.

Highland Hospital will be partnering on fundraising, as well as the marketing of the program.

“They will try to assist me in any way they can,” Murphy said. “We’re working on a solution to accept electronic payments.”

Anyone who would like to make a donation to “Not One More” is asked to send it to International Association of Firefighters Local 89, Clarksburg Fire Department, and write “smoke detector program” in the memo.

For further information, contact Murphy at (304) 669-9015.

Staff writer Darlene J. Swiger can be reached at (304) 626-1403 or by email at


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  1. You guys rock! Thank you.

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