My Life as a single speed rider: Never give up

As many of you know (mainly because I have told you), I absolutely love my single speed but not to long ago I considered going back to gears.
You see I was getting bored. It was always the same ride at the same intensity…but then we took a trip. Of course, we took our bikes with us and found a nice little bike route on the North Carolina Beach.
It turned out to be just what I needed. It wasn’t a long ride but it was fun and different. I ended up having a blast and now all I can do is wait eagerly for winter to end so I can get back out onto the road.
So I guess the moral of the story is, never give up on what you love even if at times it gets boring. Just find new ways to make it exciting again.
Thank you and Namaste

PS: Note from Roxy. The moral of the story works for more than just biking. It works for life, too.



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