This is a must read for readers and writers both!

You never know what you will do in life that will affect another human being, good or bad…you can only try to work for the good and avoid the bad….

“KL and Roxy, I’m sending you a message to tell you both how much Switching Gears affected me.
I am a lesbian child of religious parents ( including a violently abusive father), from a small town in West Virginia of Irish heritage, who wears a Claddagh ring. To say that this book hit home in more places than I care to admit -would be an understatement. If you had made Micah a firefighter, I would have needed a pretty stiff drink and been trying to figure out how someone could have known that much about my life. I couldn’t put it down- single day read.
This book was an incredible release for me, bringing me to tears many times. I wish I would have had the same courage to do to my father what she did to hers.
Thank you more than I could ever say for putting into words things that I have carried for a very long time. My partner and I are happily married 12 years and by some grace of God, she found a way to heal things that I didn’t think ever could be. Probably sharing more than I should, but I think its important for good writers to know when they are hitting it on the head with their audiences. Love your writing, keep up the good work.
West By God Virginia

So, the question is always there. Why do you write? The answer can change based on the context. For KL it is something she can do that doesn’t hurt her…her disabilities preclude her from doing outside work. That’s one thing. There are many other reasons, good reasons, selfish reasons, odd reasons. Like any art, it is something you are driven to do. They say you write because you are a writer. It is who you are and so it is something that must be done.  It is a part of yourself you must express and share with the world. I understand this intimately. As an artist…I must draw, paint, doodle, etc. etc.. The universe is full of bored doodles wherever someone left me with a pen or pencil in my hand. It is the same with writing…writing is art using words and it springs from the same well of creativity that art does. That well is deep and full of all of your life experiences, good and bad, wonderful and horrific, and it brings realism and honesty to what you put down on paper.

Switching Gears was our first book. It was and still is an immensely personal part of our lives. Yes, it won an award in Erotica. It is an exquisitely erotic novel…but that is not all it is. It is a journey of healing, and sexual healing was a part of it, but not all. For those that it spoke to, it was something incredibly more, and I cannot tell you how many personal messages we received thanking us for writing it. I’ll be honest. Some hated it. I understand this…it happens. Perhaps it hit a nerve they weren’t ready to feel again, or perhaps the messages inside the pages weren’t what they wanted to read. It is all good, and it doesn’t matter.

I’ll tell you a secret. Switching Gears was never all about the sex…it was about two women who complemented each other and helped each other heal, to reach their full potential…and to find a brighter future than their past. It was done in a gritty, passionate, and intense way that left us drained after writing it…therapy for the writers as well.  We addressed many things: abuse, self-harm, religious intolerance and the effect this has on even the strongest soul. Micah is every woman who has experienced these things, and how she learned to cope and deal with them shouldn’t be seen as a weakness or wrong just because she did them a bit differently. We celebrate diversity in all expressions of sexuality.

Back to why we write.

It is messages like the one we received above that matter, that tell us we did good…and keeps us writing. You have no idea what it means to us to know we have done something that impacts a stranger so much that it helps them to heal. It is overwhelming, and brings a tear of joy and sadness to the eye. Joy because we know we did this and it helped someone, and sadness because they experienced some of the things that happened within the pages of a work of fiction.

After speaking with this reader, one we did not know and had never spoken with before, she agreed to let us post this. There was more conversation after this, too personal to share to the world. All I can say is, thank you for sharing this with us. It means the world to us to hear these things and lets us know we are on the right track.



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