When something happens that makes you feel like a rockstar!!

Ok…so rather than post my normal excerpt or awesome review… just want to share with you a post one of our readers sent us. For backstory, I will let you know she is talking about a Team Rhavensfyre shirt she got for Xmas this year, which she evidently wore out to eat with her wife and family members…

This is what transpired.

It still makes me grin.

Went out to a late lunch early dinner with my brother and his wife. I had on my Team Rhavensfyre t-shirt on. The waitress kept giving me the eye. To the point that (the wife) was getting angry. My brother like what’s up with the waitress looking you up and down. Now this is our favorite Pub & Pizza and Seafood Place. Anyway, their beer comes in these frosted mugs that leaves ice floating in your beer, fantastic, right!. Only mine was that cold.
I got up to go to the restroom and, surprise, the waitress comes in. All she’s says is “isn’t Micah the sexiest woman ever in a book.” I just stared at her, smiled and said, “yes, she is. So is Rowan, too.” Then I walked out. The whole table got free beer all lunch. I still haven’t told them why we did.

In case you don’t know…Micah is the main character in our first book, Switching Gears…a dark, troubled young woman with a penchant for tattoos, hot sex, and wearing leathers. Rowan is a gray eyed, auburn haired spitfire from our popular Chase and Rowan series.

Needless to say, we are thrilled at the name recognition. Knowing you all think Micah and Rowan are hot, that helps, too.

So, if you want..have a look at our Amazon page…we have two new titles out, a Christmas short that you don’t want to miss as it ties in with the Chase and Rowan series, and a new novella (40,000 words) that introduces a much younger Maria and Stacie in their own story.



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