Excerpt time….something to Tie-dye you over……

Excerpt time!!!

5 star all the way..a must read if you love the 80’s, good romance and stubborn women!

Stacie grinned at an old memory of an equally dusty road and a much older and more decrepit pick-up truck carrying a much younger and less wise group of high school students playing hooky for the day. Stacie, Josie and Dee were all on that ride, bouncing in the back of Jess Robin’s Chevy and trying not to spill the beer’s Dee had lifted from his uncle’s “special” refrigerator. The one that sat on the porch and held nothing but beer. The kitchen fridge was for food, but he was too lazy to bring his beer inside, so it sat there, a beacon that called to a bunch of teenagers looking for trouble.
They had carefully pried open the bottom of a case and pulled out a few cans, then slid the much lighter box to the back and under another case and ran for it before he looked up from the television. “We could always threaten to tell his buddies he watches Guiding Light in his underwear if he catches us,” Josie whispered. Stacie’s heart was already prepared to leap out of her chest when Josie’s whisper sent it crawling up her throat and she hissed at her between clenched teeth to hush up. Josie laughed and spun away, leaving Stacie to bring up the rear. Her longer legs made up the distance between them quickly and they both jumped into the truck bed a second before they heard the screen door slam behind them.
“Damn, that was close,” Josie giggled, pulling a lock of bright auburn hair away from her face so she could grin wildly at Stacie. Stacie stared back at her best friend and contemplated punching her.
“Josephine Michelle Turner! That was the stupidest thing in the world to do,” she yelled, channeling Josie’s mother loud enough to be heard over the wind blowing past them.
“Maybe. But you only live once.”



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