Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all our friends and family!

So, it’s Xmas, a day that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To us, it’s a reminder that even in the dead of winter, spring will come eventually…it’s a way to remember that on the shortest day of the year, the sun and summer will return…but in the meantime, it’s about warm hearths and curling up by the fire. It’s about slowing down and thinking about love, compassion, and family. And when I speak about family, I don’t mean necessarily in the traditional sense. Many of us have made our own families, have forged new paths and penned new definitions that have bettered the world when things have been harsh and unreasonable. We are living in a time of change and that creates new uncertainties, we are also living in a time where things are getting better for some, while others still suffer. It will take time, and it will take energy, but by simply being who we are…beautiful, wonderful human beings with an inner light that cannot be dimmed…we will prevail over hate and fear.

I believe this firmly…with all my heart. After 12 years, I was finally been able to Marry the woman I love…i don’t want to call it Gay Marriage, because that still implies a difference. There is none…there is only love and commitment. Two years later and the battle rages on, but we are winning and so we should.

I think that is why KL  wanted this story so bad. On short notice, but driven by an inner need to give you all a Christmas story about love and devotion, A Christmas Proposal was penned. It’s all about family: the annoying ones, the understanding ones, the one’s who always have to have the last word, and the ones who love to interfere. It is us, and it is you…and what we have given Chase and Rowan…that is what we want for everyone-to find the love of their life.

So, regardless of what holiday you celebrate…whether it is Christmas or Yule, Solstice or Hanukkah (forgive me if I miss a few) it is the soul of the season we want to share with you…and that is always a message of love.

KL and Roxy




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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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