A moment in time in our lives. A bit of Rhavensfyre History.

So, today marks 15 years since I met KL…so, I thought I would post something written years ago, before we were published or even thinking of it. Writing has always happened. Stories that couldn’t find their way into a painting were typed out and left hidden in the corners of my Yahoo account, dead and gone computers, and even oddly scribbled notepads. This story, however, was written because I never wanted to forget every little detail of the first time KL and I met. I hope you enjoy it. Next month is our 2nd wedding anniversary, but I count us at 15. Always and Forever.

You never know when your actions will change the direction of your life forever.
After many years on the west coast I was running away. I was running away from my old life, my overbearing mother, and everything I knew to start fresh in a new area. I wanted to find out who I was and what I wanted in life, all of which had changed drastically in the last few years.
I left California and I ended up in Virginia.
I was new to the area and had reached out between my busy schedules through a familiar friend-the internet. With the internet I could talk to people and learn things about my new surroundings without embarrassment, or worry. You see, I was in the Navy, and what I needed to know was a big no-no, at least, if I wanted to keep my career. I had just come off three years on a big ship on the west coast, and I had never been east of the Mississippi before except for boot camp years ago. It was all new and weird, all the way down to the ocean being on the wrong side of the land. I wasn’t really looking for a relationship, I just felt like I was swimming in unfamiliar waters and was looking for a few friends to help me navigate my new surroundings. One night, I found myself on a website that allowed you to post….”want to meet” postings. The muses led my fingers along the keyboard and I found myself writing the cheesiest of descriptions for myself. I only identified myself as an artist, not my real job…and was really careful to conceal the military side of my life. Ever try to portray yourself honestly while keeping a secret?? It sucks.
Well, I guess I wrote a pretty good set of lines, because I got a few hits, most of them a bust. Then I got an INTERESTING Message….it was hilarious…..all it said was “Are you for real?” Hmmmm….a challenge presented itself and I rose to the occasion….starting a chat conversation with an unknown local who had the balls to ask me a real question, instead of trying to cruise me.
After a couple of IM’s, she said she really didn’t like to talk on the internet, and I made a snap decision. I sent her my phone number. This was totally unlike my normal MO. I didn’t trust anyone, and this was during a time where people would get on the net and try to catch people doing something like I was doing—outing them and getting them kicked out the military. I was riding my instincts, and they were telling me to not let this one go. I needed to keep the communication channels open.
Anyway, she called and we talked. And talked and talked for hours, until our voices were hoarse and the light of day was coming through the window. We talked until she had to hang up, because it was long distance and it was costing money. She was just across the border in North Carolina, and I was in Virginia Beach, about 40 miles away. When she said she had to hang up, I offered to call her. That took us through morning. I had to sleep, and went to bed tired but exhilarated. It wasn’t so much what we talked about that long night, but that we were able to talk to each other so easily. I lie a bit, it was the sexy ass voice that came across the line that I wanted to keep hearing. I was unwilling to hang up and stop listening. Low and smoky, I was intoxicated by her laugh. It was warm and genuine and danced across my spine like a caress.

I had to meet this person, and found myself frustrated at the timing. It was over thanksgiving weekend, and I had set up a trip out to Asheville on Friday. She was having dinner with her family and some friends, and I was looking at having to wait till next week between the holiday, my trip, and our work schedules.
I was surprised when I got a call then—she had cut out of her holiday requirements with the family and wanted to meet me. At first, it was all about finding a neutral location, but she finally agreed to come to my apartment.
I was happy, and freaked out, and trying to be cool all at the same time.
I was also living with my idiot ex-husband, who was also in the Navy and was supposed to be heading out on a date with his girlfriend that night. It was an amicable situation for the most part, we were both dating other women, and I didn’t have to live in the barracks as a single enlisted person. For some reason, though, that night he decided to be a total ass. Probably because he got wind that I had a date. That was why he was still there when the doorbell rang. I was so irritated, and mortified that the first thing she heard was me yelling at a guy in my apartment…eeek! I was surprised she was still there when I opened the door. Although I have to be honest and admit that the first look I had of her was only in profile, as she was gazing towards the parking lot as if she was about to bolt. Timing is everything they say, and believe me, this was definitely not working up to be the best first impression.
I remember standing in the doorway, staring boldly at the young woman in front of me, with only the cheap apartment door as a shield between me and her. She oozed attitude, yet left an underlying image to me of vulnerability. What it must have taken for her to hold her ground and not run right then and there! I held my breath, trying to find the right words, intent on remaining cool. She was tall and thin, and had the lightest blond hair, it was almost white under the florescent lights. It was cut short and spiked, leaving her face open to my inspection. A face that would have been totally androgynous was betrayed by lips that were trying to be overly serious, and immediately got my attention. Full and finely shaped, I thought…they were very kissable lips. She looked wild and barely tame, and immediately set my heart on fire. Her face was chiseled softly with high cheekbones shadowing a delicate jaw. Her catlike green/gold eyes studied me seriously, and I could sense that if I didn’t do this right, she would run. I didn’t blame her. We spoke and I don’t even remember half of what we talked about, but I do remember having in intense desire to gather her into my arms. I think I practically begged for a hug, and still remember how she felt, long and lanky, and somehow both strong and frail at the same time. I became self-conscious over my own heavier bone structure. Being both short and stocky, I felt like a rock hugging a willow. The strange thing was, it didn’t feel like a first hug…it felt more like a homecoming. A certain familiarity surrounded us, like our souls were catching up with our bodies. The physical was new, but the spirit was just getting reacquainted. I felt peaceful, like pieces to a puzzle clicking together, and I didn’t want to stop touching her. I felt like things missing in my life, missing within me, were suddenly complete. The restlessness that marked my life fell away from me, and I truly relaxed into myself for the first time in years.
The evening went quickly as we talked and watched TV. I think we were both nervous, as the bathroom trips were frequent between the two of us. I felt drunk on her presence. It was like every cell in my body was tuned to react to her voice, her smell, the feel of her skin. I wanted very much to kiss her and couldn’t figure out how until she came back into the front room and settled on the back of the couch. I could feel her breath against the fine hairs of my cheek and I sucked my breath in, caught in the sensation of her breath caressing my cheek. I felt my heart speed up and the blood roar in my ears. I turned and found her lips, so close to mine I could feel our breaths mingle.
To this day, I cannot honestly say who kissed who first, only that somehow our lips met, like fate, drawn together by a power greater then conscious thought and she tumbled over, landing on top of me, our limbs intertwined.

I won’t kiss and tell, but I will say the evening didn’t go quite as you are all expecting. KL was not one to be easily caught and that meant not being an easy fish to reel in. That is a story for another day.

Happy Holidays to all our readers!!


Rhavensfyre is the author(s) of Ladysmith, Switching Gears and the Chase and Rowan Series. Look for Book 4 of these amazing novella series, Tie Dye and Flannel, this December.

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  1. Awww, I just love you both so very much! Congratulations, My wish for you is a long full life with all the love and happiness in the universe. ❤

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