Good Morning! Great things going on.

Good morning, everyone!

Great goings on here.

We published L3, which is all of the Chase and Rowan Novella’s in one paperback edition. Very happy about this for two reasons. We will be taking copies to P-town for Women’s Week for author signings. We couldn’t make GCLS so this will be our first one. Very stoked to be hanging out with all the Womyn and meeting other authors.

We are working on a couple of new story lines, and we are halfway through a new novel that should come out this fall, just in time for cool weather and a warm fire.

If you are following us on Characters of Rhavensfyre on Facebook, woohooo!!! If not, pop on over and catch a peek of a teaser for our new novel and meet Allyse.

L3: The Chase and Rowan Series is available at our Createspace store. Use coupon code 3DWUR6Q to get 10% off. Also, some of you have expressed an interest in an Author Signed copy. We need a bit of feedback if this is something you want so we order enough copies.


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