My life as a single speed rider #3 Safety on the road

This entry doesn’t have anything to do with my experiences as a single speed rider but as a bike rider in general.
Labor Day weekend is now upon us and that means a lot of vehicles on the road. People rushing to get in that last minute vacation or spending the afternoon at a cookout drinking. While this sounds like fun to most people, it is hazardous to those of us that are on 2 wheels with no metal box surrounding us.
Please remember to be very aware of your surroundings when you are out riding this weekend. Vehicles will pass you unsafely and they will cut right back in front of you. In some cases after they get back in front of you they will then slam on their brakes to make a right hand turn because that 5 seconds they saved is so worth it.
They won’t be thinking about actions and consequences…especially if they have been drinking, so we will have to do the thinking for them.
Please stay safe this weekend and if you are like me and plan on riding no matter what, maybe aim for a morning ride before there are too many cars on the road.
Happy riding


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