Super Lesbian Couple Mojo Power-more tales we just can’t make up.

In case you missed this humorous blog, have a read. Hopefully it will brighten your day!

Rhavensfyre: Award winning author of lesbian fiction

So, today was interesting. It was one of those days when us country folk make it into the city and totally confuse, confound, and titillate those around us, simply by being who we are.

Now, other than the fact that I now am scheduled for the dreaded Root Canal next week, we did get the clerk to ensure us that the dentist working in KL’s mouth was “small handed” so she wouldn’t feel him in her mouth so much….lol. Not so much my luck, no. I get the tall, strapping young man who is younger than my 12 year younger wife. WOOHOO…

Well, back to the tale. Try to keep up cause it was one funny after the other. I will start at the beginning. KL is in with the Dental Hygienist getting those incredibly awful and painful x-rays done. You know the ones. Hard rectangles of plastic that either…

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