Rhavensfyre on writing and Ladysmith (plus giveaway!)

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Women and Words

Greetings, my peeperas/os!

Today we have the writing duo known as Rhavensfyre joining us! KL and Roxy have been together over 12 years, officially married for one. When they’re not busily cranking out stories, poetry, and novels, they’re enjoying their horse farm or maybe bicycling. KL is a horse trainer and cyclist while Roxy, a military veteran, works as a nurse by night and an artist by day.

Rhavensfyre’s latest work (HOT OFF THE PRESS JUNE 1) is the dark fantasy Ladysmith, published by Sapphire Books. Ladysmith cover art

You can read an excerpt of Ladysmithhere.

And if that wasn’t awesome enough, they’re giving away either a signed print copy (US-BASED ONLY for the print) OR an ebook copy of Ladysmith. To enter the drawing, leave a comment below. Make sure to include a valid email address in the comment fill-out form (NOT in the comment body — we’re…

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