Only you…

Good morning everyone!! It’s a beautiful day if not hot and a bit humid, but no matter. We are at our desk typing furiously away. The third Chase and Rowan novella is well on it’s way and we couldn’t be more thrilled…I think you will find this one a bit, um..exciting. The ladies are really going to be able to show just how able they are in a pinch.

Ladysmith have eleven five star reviews! Everyone who has read it is raving about it…here is an excerpt to get your blood flowing if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Alexandria yet…

The stranger stepped closer until he was face to face with Alex above the iron anvil that separated them. Two sets of bright blue eyes blazed defiantly, each refusing to break eye contact first. Two equally strong jaw lines clenched stubbornly. Alex was of a height with the stranger and found herself staring directly into eyes that looked overly familiar, eyes that looked exactly like the ones that stared back at her in the mirror every morning. Alex went numb. She heard the dull thump of her hammer hitting the packed dirt beneath her feet. Her knees threatened to fail her as well, trying to follow gravity’s path. Grasping blindly, nerveless fingers found and then clung desperately to the solidness of the heavy anvil while her world spun around her. Pain streaked through her, travelling up her arm, and lighting her body on fire. Strong emotions warred within her, simultaneously demanding attention, all wanting answers, all crippling her with the need to know.
“It hurts you still, the touch of cold iron?”
Of course it does, Alex thought, her teeth clenched against the discomfort. But it was real, it was solid, and it was something she understood very well. It grounded her.
“My poor child, have you never wondered why you are drawn to the forge? Why you can tolerate the touch of iron, while your kinswomen cannot?”

If you want to learn the answer to this riddle…take a peak at Ladysmith today. Some Fae are not all they seem to be…and that can change everything. 

I have to apologize for the small plug at the end…we know Ladysmith is an awesome read and we want you to know, too. Plus, you are our readers, we live and breath to write these books and we need you! Remember your authors (I am not just talking about us here) and if you can, support them by buying their books. It makes them want to write more! If you know someone that might be interested, share the links…write a review….it all helps us get out there and get known. What a wonderful thing you can do for us, to let us do what we do best and what we love most.

Remember, it’s like that old ad from way back when..”Only you can prevent Forest Fires”…you may think you are only one…but many “one’s” all together is a powerful thing. You are already a part of something great. You are readers, traveler’s to different realms and worlds and imaginary lives that only come to life when you read them. So many people get caught up in the real world to the point they forget how to dream, to find an hour’s escape and open a book and you aren’t one of them. That makes you special!

Thank you all for your support and readership, and yes, your friendship!

Roxy and Kl



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