Help us Support our Wounded Soldiers

Ok….everyone. It’s that season again. As you all know, we are working hard on the third installment of Chase and Rowan’s adventures. You also might know that KL is very big on cycling and that Roxy is a Navy Vet.
We are also big supporters of our wounded veterans. Below is the two non-profit organizations that we will be donating to this year. For every sale of our indie published novellas (Chase and Rowan) we make for the rest of the year, we will be donating 20% to these worthy organizations…


Cycling – Operation One Voice
Operation One Voice’s wounded warrior bike program provides a variety of bicycles (road bikes, tandem, and hand-cranked) to severely injured Special Operation service members to aid in the operator’s rehab and quality of life.

Operation One Voice is a program designed by police officers, firefighters and community leaders to raise funds to help support the immediate needs of children and families of wounded and fallen Special Operations Forces. Special Operation Forces consist of US Army Special Operations Command (USASCOC); Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC); Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSCOC); Marine Force Special Operations Command (MARSOC); and Joint Special Operation Command (JSOC).

Cycling – Soldier Ride
Soldier Ride is a Wounded Warrior Project initiative that provides adaptive cycling opportunities across the country to help wounded warriors restore their physical and emotional well-being. It is a unique adaptive cycling experience that honors our military men and women as they courageously battle the physical and psychological damages of war. Through the exhilaration of cycling, warriors embrace possibilities for the future in a supportive environment with fellow injured service members.


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