Rhavensfyre checking in!!

Hey everyone!! I realized that we haven’t  posted or blogged in a while so I thought it was about time to check in and see how you all were doing. Summer is well on it’s way, and the heat index is climbing. We are back in our home state of NC…and KL is busy with the unpacking after packing us up and moving us here. Still post surgical here, so no lifting or bending for me, and she takes her job seriously while all the titanium in my back makes friends with my spine. I swear, I think my back is worth more than my truck!!

I am chomping at the bit, stuck in “can’t do nothing” land while I keep trying and upsetting the wife. Plus, I keep wanting to sing (badly) that song from Pitch Perfect….you know the one. Titanium!! Since I can’t sing, that has been generally discouraged.

Other than that, you all know the skinny on us. Ladysmith is out and those who have read it have nothing but crazy, wild praise for it. We are thrilled. If you haven’t read it, I hope you put it on your must read list…even if you aren’t a big fantasy fan, it has converted a few people already! The trailer is out there…here is the link to you tube if you want to see it. Little tidbit of info here. The graphics were done by…tadaaahh..me! I hope you like them.

I think the best thing I’ve heard so far was when someone asked when the movie was coming out!! I would absolutely adore that, if that could actually happen. I would love to see Alexandria and Rohanna on the big screen…they are wonderful, tough, and sexy women with a take charge attitude and the power to back it up.

In case you didn’t know, Ladysmith was our first venture into the fantasy genre, and we love it. Can’t wait to do more. It melds two things close to my heart….strong women and magic. Add the modern world and it makes you wonder if the story is real and happening just down the street or in the  next town. Don’t forget to look over your shoulder, you might be surprised at who your  store clerk or neighbor just might be…if you catch them in an unguarded moment.

On to new stuff. We are working on the next Rowan and Chase novella…I know there are many of you thrilled to hear that. Also, we have a new romantic novel coming out this fall. And, because I can hear your cogs turning…yes, you will see Micah and Olivia again, as well as some new ladies. We are very excited.

I hope everyone is in good health and looking forward to the rest of the year…and if the first part of your year has been filled with trials like mine, I hope the rest of the year is looking up for you.

Brightest Blessings to all our friends, family and readers…you are all so very important to us! GCLS is coming…and perhaps we will see a few of you there.

KL and Roxy






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  1. Can’t wait to read your book. It is on my list! Congrats on all the great reviews!

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