Observers need not apply. Waxing poetic today.

I have been thinking a lot about what we write, why we write, and how we write. I am realizing something. I want to be a magician and scientist all rolled into one,and manage to do what only either one of these things can do with just the written word.

You see, I don’t want observers…no….I want travelers, I want explorers, I want those intrepid souls who open a book with the same expectation and hope that the old archeologists had when they opened an ancient tomb. I want the discoverer who wants to see what is around the next bend in the river and the person who, despite their fear, opens the wardrobe door to find the world hidden behind moth eaten clothes.

I have often (and when I say “I” it is always “we”, since my wife and I write together) said that what is written between the cover of a book is not just black and white, not just letters and words…it is a script that is as artistically placed as the brush stroke on a painting. Words are colors, actions, form, smell, taste, composition…and if done right, can paint a world around you that you can step into and become a part of. This is the goal, the drive behind the writer as I see it. If we cannot become the magic portal, the 3D glasses, the 25th century Holodeck, then we have failed. That is how I see it.

So, you see, we do not want observers…we want readers who may check the temperature of the water before diving into the deep pool, but dive you will. Because you want to transform, to play-act…to become someone or somewhere else for just a short while. A trip of the mind that feeds the soul, if you will.

The artist’s mind is often the first to conceive of an idea that has the potential to change the world. Sharing these worlds with you, the reader, can only offer a greater potential for change, hopefully for the better. This is why stories that offer hope, that remind us that we are redeemable, that bring back concepts of gentleness and honor and equality, they are all so important. I love that I am a part of this…and I love that you all want to share this journey with the writers and artists out there.

Ok, my love fest is done for the day. At least it was calorie free…

Brightest Blessings



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  1. Ameliah Faith May 25, 2014 — 5:38 pm

    Beautiful! You have always succeeded in taking me out of myself and putting me in your worlds. A gift I truly treasure!

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