Entering the World of Romantic Erotica- have you ever wondered?

“Rhavensfyre has done it again! This time they have teamed up with the lovely Ms. Erzabet Bishop to give us a pair intensely, deliciously, blazingly hot erotic tales. This book should come with a warning label!”

This review quote is perfect because it does sum up everything that Elemental Passions is and will be. We created Elemental Passions for a reason. We wanted high quality Romantic Erotica with a flair…a storyline, and something else-a touch of the supernatural. We wanted to find our inner Goddesses, travel the path of the wanderer, go past the veil and find stories of wonder and enchantment that will leave you breathless. We wanted a storyline that will satisfy both the reader and the seeker of the sublime. Stories that we hope you will enjoy and leave you wanting for more. And yes, they will be hot and explore all the wonderful things that happen between two women when passion rises and arousal becomes too painful to ignore. There is always that.

Rhavensfyre is teaming up with another great author, and the results are spectacular.  Read it, love it, let us know how you feel!  We will be working on another Volume for summer!

Rhavensfyre is a Gold Crown Literary Society finalist in Erotica for their debut novel, Switching Gears and this dynamic duo is know to bring you passion and heat that hold’s all the emotion two women can share. Their Chase and Rowan novella’s are becoming a fandom of their own, the reader’s love these ladies so much! Their new dark fantasy novel, Ladysmith, is coming out June 1st!

Erzabet Bishop is no slouch, but I am sure her fingers are sore! She is a prolific writer known for her down and dirty antics…and she delivers this with a great storyline to boot! The up and coming Slave Girls is one of her many achievements. She also has a novella coming out soon, Sigil Fire, in June of this year.

So check out this pairing of erotic short stories and then check out our author pages, there is and will be plenty to chose from. We want to become your favorite place to visit and the menu is both diverse and delicious!

http://www.amazon.com/Elemental-Passions-Vol-Earth-Spirit-ebook/dp/B00K24QLN4/    Image



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  1. Thanks Roxy! It has been a lot of fun! I can’t wait for the next installment. 🙂

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