Announcing a new Novella from Rhavensfyre


Announcing a New Romantic Novella

from Rhavensfyre.   

Life Is Not a Country Song.

Or is it? I guess it depends on the song and if you believe in

happy endings.

Rowan St. John is on her way back home with an empty horse trailer and down a driver. Unfortunately, she had already taken on a short notice contract to transport a pregnant mare to California when her co-driver decides to get arrested and thrown in jail. Until then, it had seemed the perfect job. She was already heading that way, and she wouldn’t lose any money driving an empty rig almost 3,000 miles.

Chase Meadows had it all, until she came home one day to find her lover in bed with another woman. Now she’s left with nothing but her truck, her horse and a definite need to find a new start. When the Flying S agrees to take her on as a horse trainer, she jumps at the chance. California was about as far away from North Carolina and the past as she could go. All she had to do was get there with her pregnant mare, Smoothy—the only thing she had left in her name that she would never give up. When Rowan St. John responded to her ad for a last minute horse transport, she thought she had finally gotten a break. When the horse transporter shows up just to tell her she can’t honor her contract, Chase had used up all her chances, or so she thought.

Rowan won’t transport a pregnant mare without a co-driver, and Chase needs to get both herself and her horse to California.  A deal is struck that benefits both women, more than they ever expected. A week on the road gives you a lot of time to talk. In the process, Chase and Rowan come to find out they have a lot in common, including an undeniable attraction to each other. The problem is, Chase isn’t looking for a relationship and Rowan has left out one important little tidbit about her life that might screw things up.

An unexpected layover heats things up, and Chase has to decide if her new life has to wait until she hits the California line.


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