Destined to be a Science Fiction Geek-for all of you that love Captain Janeway

I was going through a box of old papers the other day. You know— “Those boxes.” We all have them.

Boxes of embarrassing poetry, dreams, bad writing and worse haircuts in a shoebox full of high school memories. Pins and ticket stubs, photo’s you would love to burn, but can’t and things you thought would be important, but now just can’t remember why you put them there.

So yeah, I have a bit of the past still stuffed away. Which, by the way, I will say is an amazing feat with all of my moves and periodic culls of all the things I have accumulated over the years. I still have enough junk to make me not want to make a major move! Which made my little discovery almost a miracle to have survived.

On notebook paper, I found an old writing assignment we had to do in High School. I actually remember doing this one, too. We had to write our own obituary, and then read it in front of the class. I remember being turned off by the concept, I mean, 17 years young is not the age you are even thinking of your own funeral, right? So, I decided to have fun with it. I decided to write the most outrageous, ridiculous and outlandish obituary out there. I mean, if it was my life, I would make it what I wanted!

So, I became a Naval Officer. Not just any Naval Officer, either. An Admiral. An Admiral in charge of an entire fleet of space ships, living on a space station in the middle of the galaxy. Woohoo!!! Oh, and just because I could, I was old…really old. Space and technology should be able to extend life, right?

Now, the fascinating thing about all of this was how much thought I put into it. Why the Navy? Well, because they would be in charge of the ships. How different is today’s subs and ships going out to sea going to be any different than being out in space? Can’t go swimming in the deep blue, and space…well, it’s just a bigger ocean made of darker stuff. The Navy made sense. Then my mind continued…where would the other services be? Well, Marines are your shock troops, they would live on the ships and be your fighting force. Army? Occupying forces that stick around long after we are gone. Air Force? Hmm, that one was harder, but I would have said fighter pilots, but both the Navy and Marines have that, too. I worried about the Air Force. Would they survive galactic travel?

Well, now, here I am. Not a Naval Officer, not a space traveler, but I am still writing. In a way, that makes it all better. I can create any world I want, if I want…If I can drum up the creative force in me.  It is enough.

What made me laugh when I read this assignment from almost 30 years ago, was that I was evidently destined to be a science fiction geek. I read it, then I looked up and laughed at myself. I had wanted to be Captain Janeway, way before she even existed. How humorous is that.

No wonder I loved that show.




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  1. How wonderful that you saved this! You make me nostalgic for all the things I’ve culled over the years, ruthlessly paring down for each move. Keep dreaming big – it’s working for you 🙂

  2. Marie-Claude Henrichon January 5, 2014 — 10:43 am

    I think as children of the sixties ,we all dreamed of space travel .Unfortunately very few have made it and even fewer women but that’s what was great about that era ,when boys and girls started to dream of something much more then the proverbial American dream.
    Keep taking us into a better world ,Roxy

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