The beautiful relationship between reader and writer

The beautiful relationship between reader and writer.

As a newly minted author, I thought I would share my views on the relationship between reader and writer. This journey from writer to author has been an absolutely wonderful one. Wonderful not only because the crazy idea’s in mine and my wife’s head have managed to make it to print, but because we have been able to share it with all the wonderful readers who have bought our book.

I know there are many out there who do write…and many who do not transition from being a writer, or poet, or artist…to a person who publishes their work for the world to see. I will tell you that it can be a scary thing, but exhilarating in the way it is for you to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and hope your chute opens. It takes a lot of mental preparation to get in that plane and strap on that chute, and a leap of faith to leave the safety of that plane to fly out into the great blue.  The chute?? The chute is the readers, it is you who decide if an author soars or plummets to the ground.

If some are taken aback by this statement, let me say one thing. We know that there are a lot of books out there, some good and some bad, some incredible and some dismally lacking. That qualifier doesn’t necessarily decide if a book will do well, or even make it to reach their intended audience. Let us leave that bit of information alone, but suffice it to say that we are a market driven species. What sells is good…all else might have literary worth, but it may never be given the chance to see the light of day.

So, back to this wonderful thing of being able to call yourself an AUTHOR…

Does this make you special, being a published author? Yes! I feel special, that our work was good enough for someone to take a chance on us. But, I am no more special than our readers make us. We, the reader and writer, have a unique and symbiotic relationship like no other. I cannot be a good AUTHOR, a popular writer, without all of you. After all, isn’t it our goal to write a book that will create change, whether it is accomplished through a few hours of release from the grind of living or putting forth options and dreams you never considered? A book is a journey. It leads you someplace else, teaches lessons, and shows us how to overcome obstacles we never thought we could. We can be anyone, anywhere, and do things we may have wished we had and never got the chance to. Characters in a book become our best friends, our most hated enemies, and the lover’s we glanced at across the room but never had the courage to walk up to. Perhaps that character will stand behind you the next time you wish you could say or do something that frightens you and whisper in your ear– “Go for it, be me for a few minutes and just do it.”

I love to hear that. That means we have created a world out of our imagination that becomes tangible to you, and not just within the confines of the pages of a book. We write the characters, and they become real to you, the reader in a myriad number of ways that always delights and sometimes confounds me. But that is the beauty of it, you know, and what continues to drive us to write things that we hope will inspire. I do caution myself, though. It is a heady thing to realize that your words can have so much power. To write something that can make a reader, cry, laugh, feel fear or joy?

A well written book can play on your emotions like keys on a piano. It is very easy to start thinking of yourself in terms of the pianist…with the piano as your plaything upon which to dance your fingers along. I will never do that. We, as Authors, have to remember that there are two aspects of this relationship. We write, but without someone to read our works… what have we shared with the universe? Nothing. The reader and writer share the same journey, albeit you may see the path differently, it is still a journey we walk together.

We are honored that you chose to take that walk with us, each and every time.

A joyous and Happy New Year for you all.

Roxy and Kl Rhavensfyre



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  1. enjoying the journey with you!

  2. Writers that consider the reader as an integral PART of the Journey and process, Cool!! Best of New Years to you both…

  3. *standing ovation* Well said and bravo.

  4. You girls put in the hard yards, thank you.

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