The Sun Thief by Rhavensfyre, In honor of Solstice

A Solstice Poem for everyone…I hope you enjoy!!

The Sun Thief

Oh, Sun Thief,

Perched between night and day,

Death and Life…

Do you not think we know of your mischief?

Black wings carrying all the colors

Of creation,

By light of moon or sun

It matters not to the one

Who sacrificed purity

For the knowledge that darkness brings.

From the void you pull the stuff of life,

 forming something from nothing.

You teach us to celebrate the seasons of our life,

And the seasons of the earth.

A message that is not always heard

Despite your coarse voice.

Change is in the air

The sun is born from the moon

And the spring is born from the winter.

That which has lain fallow will rise again

And that which has finished its journey

Shall be its nourishment.




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