Odd thoughts and tidbits…

Here are a few odd thoughts and tidbits for your reading pleasure this morning…

Hate is a four letter word, but so is Love, perhaps that is why when one becomes the other, it is felt so deeply.

If sex is so sinful and of the flesh, rather than a religious experience, why is “Oh, God” uttered so much more often, more earnestly and with so much more meaning in the bedroom than in a church?

Ok, and one last little tidbit that will dip into the political pool…

Why do certain groups of people comprised primarily of old, uptight, white men who think they know what morality is, scream and yell about homosexuality as not being right because “the parts just don’t fit!” Aren’t these the same people who never ask for directions or read the instructions on a manual?

Compliments of Rhavensfyre this lovely winter morning!!!

Rhavensfyre, Authors of Switching Gears




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