Awesome Review makes me think on what being a writer really means.

Good morning all!!

We just received an incredible review on our debut novel, Switching Gears, that I just had to share. After reading all of our reviews, we realized that the book is leaving an impression on our readers we never really expected. I want to say how humble that makes us feel (my wife and I). The connection that is felt between the characters, with some choosing Olivia or Micah, and the reader has been amazing. The empathy felt as Olivia and Micah go through their trials together, along with all their faults and foibles has been nothing short of incredible. Each reader seems to find something inside of it that resonates with someone/something in their life and it brings the book to life for them. To hear that after reading it, they need to sit and digest for several days in order to recover is something I never expected to hear…and thank you, JH, for coining the term “Book Hangover”, that made me laugh and makes me wish I could include two aspirin with every book so that you can just jump back in again. The visual imagery that left me was absolutely perfect. Who hasn’t spent a day with a good book, reading “just one more chapter” until your eyes burned and you forgot to eat or go to work? I am thrilled that Switching Gears is “that” book!

So, here it goes. Our newest review.

“OK so I finally have a free moment to write my thoughts on Switching Gears by Rhavensfyre. This wasn’t a book, it was a journey. I had reservations buying it at first because I really don’t like BDSM story lines and I was afraid this had that, but after some comforting words from the authors and a few of my reader friends I went ahead with the purchase. I am so glad that I did. I was completely hooked on the characters and story line by chapter 2, I literally couldn’t put it down. I found myself trying to keep my eyes open to read just “one more chapter” I have seen so many reviews where the reviewer said they identified with Micah. I did see some of myself in Micah’s characteristics but really I identified more with Olivia. Having to be the responsible one, the slightly broken yet can’t let it really show because I have to take care of my more broken partner one. The strong one. The one that had to walk on eggshells at times for fear of saying the wrong thing and setting off a tsunami of emotion that she was not at all prepared to deal with, and yet the one deeply in love and willing to risk it all for that love to work. I found myself reading Olivia’s internal thoughts and saying to myself “yep I know how you feel” This book literally had it all, love, sweetness, romance, danger, emotion, drama, and humor. I as a general rule don’t write many amazon reviews on books but I will be leaving a 5 star review on this one. It met my needs and surpassed them in every way. Now that I am finished I am actually missing the characters in my daily life. To out it simply, this book was stellar. My sincere thanks to the authors for sharing this story and these characters with us, I only hope to see more of them, (the authors and the characters) in the future. If you haven’t bought and started this book already…what the hell are you waiting for??!!! On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 100.”



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    A great review for fellow Sapphire author(s) Rhavensfyre.

  2. I am so happy for you. I am amazed how often we, the writers, know so little, and the readers know so much. Thanks – Silent

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