Waxing poetic this morning…

This morning, I am feeling poetic……good morning all!!

Chaos rides the wings of change

Madly, wildly rotating on the drafts.

Up and down,

 spinning and dodging the fatal currents.

Refusing to plunge

into the safety of shelter.

Walls and roofs offer these things

but lose something in the translation.

Chaos is left to beat against the door

and slam into the windows,

shuddering and shaking the foundation.

It would love to shatter and splinter

and begin anew.

Stagnation invites frustration

A starvation for the sweet taste of fresh air,

the feeling of fresh rain on your face.

Balance requires bracing against the wind

and embracing the maelstrom inside you.

Sometimes there is no seeking

The calm inside the eye of storm.

Sometimes you must become the storm

in order to ride it out.




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