Debut of First Novel

As most of you know, we have just published our first novel, Switching Gears, this week. The response has been amazing. Watching your book climb to the top 100 and then almost break top 10 has been the one invigorating and positive thing going on this week in the midst of doctor’s appointments and moving on short notice. It is practically addicting, watching the stats go up and down, and hoping that you have hit on that one winner that will gain you notice. I am sure every writer out there can sympathize with that sentiment. It has renewed my motivation and the two of us our busy typing away on our second book.

That being said, we have had a lot of one on one personal responses from some of our readers. For various reasons, we have readers who have PM’d  us personally, but due to personal situations, chose not to post a review. I respect that. Not all of us can be flaunting to the universe what we read and why we read it. And while I would love to read a dozen glowing reviews, I find it hard to beg for them, because deep down inside, i still worry about that one review that would tear our work apart and depress me to no end. (Actually, I would probably just be cranky, but hey…sad face works better, eh?)

So, I am posting this review, name removed and with permission from the reviewer, simply because the reader was so awesome about giving us an in-depth and remarkable review that let us know we are on the right path with our books.

Hi Roxy & KL

 I really  enjoyed reading Switching Gears. 

What did I like?  Hmmm  well sex of course – LOL – there was more to the book?  Oh yeah – focused now <grin>

Debut authors are among my favorite sources for reads.  I think a first novel reveals something about the author’s true voice.  Over time, they will perfect their craft and later novels may be more skillful.  However, that gain is sometimes paid for with the sacrifice of their voice.  This was just a gut level reasoning, but lately has been reinforced by my interactions with several authors.  I beta for some and just observe others, saddened when publishers demand changes designed to make a book more sellable.  This drives me a bit insane, because the result is a bunch of dribble that all sounds the same.  The self and indie publishing world has certainly put out a bunch of crap that wasn’t even spell-checked, but I can live with that price if there is a chance for more authors to keep their true voice.  You two hold a bit of mystery yet, but I definitely liked the feel of what I read.

Diving into to SG, without having read the promo blurb, I enjoyed a level of suspense at the beginning of the book.  Micah’s entry into the law office held tension, my mind trying to figure out where she was, why had she been there in heels, why had she been in heels period…. That was fun.

Micah had a pretty tough story to tell.  It’s hard to imagine processing that much pain in 28 Chapters.  Establishing her prior history with Olivia helped to make their rapidly growing trust believable.   These were not trite characters by any means.  With intelligent dialogue (a definite turn-on), you wrote strong women who risked everything, exposing their weaknesses, owning their mistakes, to allow them to see and connect with each other.  I really liked that you put equal emphasis on Olivia’s need to change her controlling and judging ways.  So often, the idea is that only one person is broken and needs fixing.  I appreciated the candor when you described Micah’s need for pain.  I felt the pressure expanding, boiling, demanding release.  What a lucky woman that she found a relationship where the release didn’t have to be destructive!

Reggie was an awesome balance to the whole story.  Shit happens to real people.  The tender, playful and wholly accepting relationship between Reggie and Micah was a perfect foil to the darkness of Micah’s struggle with her past.

And we’re back to the sex! Hot!  At one point (probably when Olivia was messing around during the tattooing) I didn’t know which I needed more: sex or a new tat J.  I like that you write the sex into the story.  There were a lot of scenes and it might have seemed gratuitous except that you also wrote plenty of simple cuddling and affection.  You had a couple of fade to blacks too.  Overall it was believable as new relationship passion.  And no love buttons!  It’s a clit thank you!  Not overly scientific, not embarrassed, just real.

Looking forward to your next book and I love the sketches!



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