adventures in apartment hunting: totally got creeped out today.

So, today we started looking at small apartments down in a little town we like and is close enough to drive to work from. We have to do this on a budget, so we were not looking at top end places, just a place to stay when we aren’t on the farm in North Carolina. We looked at places close to the rail trail, because that is where KL spends all her time when she’s not writing, and where I try to go to de-stress between shifts and writing, and…well you get the picture.

So, the first place wasn’t bad, i will post pics of the wierd things in this town in the future….but the second place across the street.?? OMG, it creeped the hell out of us. First of all, it was filthy…not as in dirty, but as in “what the fuck is that smell?” filthy. They were in the middle of rehabbing it, but really…I am not sure it is possible.

So, first of all…the minute we walked in my hands and head started buzzing…bad energy all over the place. There were wood floors, but they had painted them!!! Why do you paint wood floors, you ask? Because the last tenant was a weird bastard, that’s why. The agent didn’t even want to talk about it, it was that bad. I wouldn’t be surprised to find dead animals tucked under the floor boards.

Back to the story. As we walked around and pulled up the blinds on the windows…all KL could ask was if the windows could open. The apartment had really high ceilings, but it was still oppressive in there. Then we noticed the windows and doors. Each and every opening into the rest of the world was marked with a cross or Jesus. This person was obviously trying to keep demons out…and while doing so, he seemed to have left his madness inside. All of the walls were painted over, but you could feel the creepy oozing out from behind the paint. I really wanted to know what they were covering up behind that fresh coat of paint that still could not cover the smell of the place. That the smell was the least offensive thing about the place was enough to get us hightailing it out of there. I can only imagine what the life of this person was like in this apartment…what crazy thoughts ran through his head as he marked all those windows.

I had thought it was an old lady that lived there. I even asked when she died….but no, this was a young man, he said. No old lady at all. I hadn’t gotten that impression, but eh? It’s an old house…with room for more than one ghost, right??


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  1. HOLY SCARIES. Scratch that one off your list!

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