Looking at my future…and it’s grand

Today we rode 30 miles on a rail trail that we have often visited. We see a lot of people on the trail, some funny, some sad, some rude..and some having just as much fun as we are. A few weeks back, we watched in glee as this little old lady on an ancient road bike whipped around a bunch of guys and their girlfriends taking over the trail. She was moving faster than any of them could muster, hell, I wasn’t sure I would have been able to go that fast. As she whipped by, all i could think was “You go, old lady!!” She was happy, she was in her element, and she embarrassed the young en’s something awful, I am sure.

Today, we saw the same lady. She was again tearing up the trail, a shit eating grin plastered across her face and her gray hair coiled and bobbing behind her own wind like springs pushing her even faster. She was wiry and tan and her smile was full of familiar wrinkles and she was completely and totally thrilled to be there, in that moment of time. You could just tell. She looked completely organic in that she belonged there, in the woods and on that trail.  It was awesome and it made me grin. I turned and looked at my wife, who is also lanky and slim…and often wears that same shit-eating grin while we ride…

I said…”That is you in 50 years.”

She replied… “I certainly hope so.”

So this is our goal in life, then. To be two crazy old ladies whipping down the trail, enjoying nature and ruining the misconceptions of many a masculine rider. I won’t mind the lines, not if they carry the same joy in them that that little old lady held…and i would be thrilled if my hair held that much uncontrolled glee, escaping from underneath my bandanna to show off my experience in life with silver light.

It was an amazing moment in time.


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