Small excerpt from Switching Gears

Olivia Holden was known to be a formidable woman, and at thirty eight was also one of the youngest and most influential female attorneys in the New York area.  She was also absolutely and without any doubt in her mind, one of the most stunning creatures Micah had ever laid eyes on.  Olivia wasn’t a large woman; in fact she was a couple of inches shorter than Micah even in heels and ran closer to the willowy side of slim. She had pale blond hair and high cheekbones that framed her most striking feature, ice blue eyes that were as dangerous as a late winter storm. Depending on her mood, they could run as pale as cold frost or as deep as the darkening sky before twilight fell. When Olivia looked at you with those piercing eyes, it was as if she was stripping you down to your bare soul. When Micah found those cool as ice eyes assessing her from across the desk, she was sure that Olivia could read her thoughts as clearly as the words on the legal brief laying in front of her. She had met the infamous and oh, so untouchable Olivia Holden, and found herself overcome with the desire to do just that, touch. It was a cruel turn of fate that she found her desire fine tuning itself towards the one woman she couldn’t approach let alone have.


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