Things happening in our neck of the woods: otherwise known as ackk! we had a gas leak

Ok, so we come home yesterday to the smell of rotten eggs permeating our little country home. Dizziness and lightheadedness ensues and we call the propane company. 8 hours later, they show up…only to find out that our tanks are empty (wanna guess where all the gas is?, It’s a good thing we don’t smoke) and we have not one, not two, but 6 pipes leading to the furnace that were-get this-hand tightened only..and they were all leaking!!!!! So, they guy fixes them all, BTW-really nice guy and made sure it was all safe and clear, then I learn how to turn off the gas at the furnace, and the tanks outside.
Moral of the story is…if you think you smell gas, don’t let someone at the company tell you it is just because they filled the tanks..this has been going on for months..months of headaches, tiredness and just not sleeping well, and all because the first guy came out and said it was our imagination or the toilet!!

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is no joke, we were OK because we keep our windows open, and the house is over a hundred years old so the drafts helped. Also, the gas is heavy, so it had to make its way up to the second floor.

Lastly, check your alarms!!! Ours was going off and when we called we got this response: “DId you check the battery!!” No, we didn’t, it was a plug-in.  “Oh…someone will be right out.” Yeah, right… I couldn’t sleep even though I needed to. I was afraid I wouldn’t wake up. Yeah, that can happen, too. So, check your alarms and make sure you have no leaks with gas or propane.

How to easily check for leaks: Mix soap and water and put in a spray bottle. Spray all fittings (joints) and wait..if you see bubbles…you have a leak!

Public Service Announcement of the week is done! Perhaps I can think of something juicier to blog about next time.


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