Great week for us

Ok, while the purpose of this blog isn’t always to self promote ourselves, this week i have to say I have to do it..i just have to.

We finally, after 6 months of sweating bullets and writing scenes so intense they made us blush, sweat and almost cry…we have published our first book “Switching Gears” and have navigated the publishing nightmare that is…to bring our friends and beloved readers a story we think deserved to be written and deserves to be read.
I will tell you why, this story isn’t just your standard run of the mill lesbian fiction/erotica.  The characters have real problems, real and tangible histories that affect how they interact with the world and others, including trying to find a way to let someone else into their heart when doing so could be the most dangerous thing to the survival of your psyche. Well, at least that is our take on it.
I have to admit, some people will buy the book for the sex. I don’t blame them, it’s good…it’s hot..and it explores dominance and power play. Don’t get me wrong, its no 50 shades…and thank God for that. This is a story about two women in love who need to find their place together in their world, where balance and passion are intertwined with need and laced with a little pleasure/pain.

Intrigued yet???


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